Urban Chickens

On Tuesday, December 19, 2017, the Ogden City Council will consider a petition and an alternative ordinance to allow backyard chickens.

Residents will each have up to three minutes to provide input on the topic before the Council votes.

The Council held a Fact Finding Work Session in August to gather information on the topic. The issue then went to the Planning Commission before coming back to the Council.

The information gathered in the Fact Finding Work Session and through the Council's pubic outreach efforts will be taken into consideration during the meeting on December 19, along with the information provided by the Planning Commission.

Click here to learn more about the petition and alternative ordinance.

Backyard Chickens to be considered on December 19

Video of August 29 Fact Finding Work Session

Current City Policy

Chickens are not currently permitted in Ogden, with the very limited exception of legally nonconforming parcels, meaning that chickens have been kept on the land continuously since before zoning ordinances were changed to no longer allow chickens.

Click here for additional information on current city policy regarding urban chickens.

Public Input

The City Council encourages residents of all perspectives to share their thoughts on allowing urban chickens in Ogden’s residential neighborhoods.

  • Click here to participate in a short poll regarding urban chickens.
  • Share your feedback during the December 19 City Council meeting. 
  • Share your feedback by email: citycouncil@ogdencity.com
  • Share your feedback by calling the Council Office: (801) 629-8153
  • Share your feedback by contacting your City Council Members: ogdencity.com/councilmembers